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We were contacted by an Insolvency Practitioner who asked us to investigate a bankrupcy.

The IP had visited their home address on a number of occasions and also telephoned their landline but received no response. The subject, we were informed, was barred from working and would have been expected to have been at home.

We agreed that a period of discreet surveillance should be commenced. On the first morning the subject was seen driving away from the address at high speed. Eventually, the subject was seen going into a remote set of farm buildings. We reported this back to our office based team who were able to confirm the name of a company based at the address. The business was in the same line as the bankrupt had previously traded, although he was not a director. The subject was seen arriving at this address on a further three occasions over the coming week. We were able to obtain a telephone number for the business.

The subject was somewhat surprised to receive a phone call from the IP at the business and claimed that he was simply being paid expenses in cash. However, upon further investigation with the Directors of the business the bankrupt had been paid a substantial amount of salary in cash against the terms of his bankruptcy.

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