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“We have used SIRS Europe over the last 12 months to trace problem debtors, and have seen a noticeable reduction in our bad debt book”

– Roger Hancock, Chairman, Thrifty Car Rental

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“Seeing Is Believing”

Why use surveillance? The ability to actually see something unfolding before your eyes gives compulsive evidence. Surveillance with accompanying witness statements, video footage or stills photographs, in many cases, solves an investigation immediately. To actually...

Employment “Try Before You Buy”

Checking out potential employees Some Companies/organisations still seem to work on the principal that if someone seems OK on an application form that they will be a good worker and a good member of staff. Alternatively, if “Joe” from down the local pub knows “Bob”...

“…And One For All”

Utilising one investigation company to complete the whole process On occasions we see a whole legal process play out in the relationship we have with our solicitor clients. The value to them of using one provider for a set of specific tasks not only saves time, money...

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