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Why use surveillance?

The ability to actually see something unfolding before your eyes gives compulsive evidence. Surveillance with accompanying witness statements, video footage or stills photographs, in many cases, solves an investigation immediately. To actually get to that point though can take a long time in some instances or similarly can be over and done with in a matter of a few hours. The art of surveillance is in the timing of the operation, the background planning, the number of operatives involved and clear information from the client concerning the subject(s).

Surveillance is an option in many different types of instances:

  • An employee off work ill may be working elsewhere
  • A senior executive may be planning setting up their own business and taking valuable clients with them
  • Your best sales person may be in the process of moving to a new employer and lining up clients to take with them
  • Alternatively, your worst performing sales person may just be sat at home or in their car and not making sales calls either in person or on the phone
  • It could be for a suspicious wife who thinks her husband may be having an affair.
  • Cohabitation issues may need surveillance. Maintenance payments may be cut if it is proven a former wife or husband is living with a new partner.
  • Competitor intelligence

Surveillance is utilised in conjunction with other areas of investigative work. Eg Mystery shopper/Test purchase activity or surveillance may help set the scene for say the service of documents.

The key to all of the above is in the use of experienced operatives who are able to both plan and carry out a surveillance operation. Being alert at all times, utilising technology to the best of its ability, knowing when and where to follow a subject and when to remain stationary, are just some of the areas where using the right people make the difference to achieve an outcome.