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Utilising one investigation company to complete the whole process

On occasions we see a whole legal process play out in the relationship we have with our solicitor clients. The value to them of using one provider for a set of specific tasks not only saves time, money and effort, but ensures a seamless process. This is particularly prevalent in a Litigation or Dispute Resolution matter where there is a debt outstanding.

A successful address trace undertaken by ourselves could lead to us serving say a statutory demand. This in turn could lead to us providing a pre-sue or background profiling report. If the debt was at such a level where a more thorough review of a person’s financial situation was required, the location of their assets such as property overseas could be undertaken to establish their worth. This may result in repossession orders issued and we would be involved in co-ordinating the carrying out of this. Surveillance to assess a person’s movement in preparation for the service of a bankruptcy petition could be beneficial. This gives a client information on others who may live at an address and gives the opportunity for future planning as well as awareness.

Overall though the use of one agent to put in all the pieces of the jigsaw gives a fuller, clearer and more effective picture and gives our clients client strength in their position to achieve the most effective outcome.