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Checking out potential employees

Some Companies/organisations still seem to work on the principal that if someone seems OK on an application form that they will be a good worker and a good member of staff. Alternatively, if “Joe” from down the local pub knows “Bob” and says that that he’ll be OK that this constitutes a job interview.

Employment Law may in some cases be more favourable to the employer, why waste time taking on someone when you don’t properly check them out in the first place. Properly structured staff vetting alleviates such issues further down the line.

Would you still be looking to take someone on if you knew that the degree they claimed they’d got from University turned out to be a grade E GCSE in Art from their local high school? What about employer references? Check the dates of leaving and then starting a new job. Any gaps? If so why. Chances are there may be a straight forward explanation. However, it may be that they were sacked for misconduct from their former employer but equally they may have gone travelling and taken three months out.

Including a relevant clause in an application form to enable references to be taken up prior to starting work with a new employer, means that you can get to know a fuller picture of a potential new member of staff. Ask for all school, college or university information as well as part time jobs previously held.

Recruiting staff who are going to stay with you for many years is what you need to be aiming for. Getting it right in the first place saves a lot of time later on, both in the getting rid of a current staff member and recruiting a new one as replacement.

Check them out first!