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Blog – May 2019

Surveillance – It’s not just for TV shows! 

Surveillance can be a vital tool in obtaining real time information. In the real world of commercial investigations – rather than say how the Police may go about observing a subject – cost does play a major role. However, the number of operatives utilised and how these are deployed is key to obtaining results. Two operatives could say be split to one in a car and one walking, or one on a motorbike and one in a car – which can be particularly effective in a large congested city.

It should always be borne in mind with surveillance that a no result is still a result eg where an employee is off work due to illness, it may be found that he or she does actually have a problem walking or doesn’t leave the house. Similarly, the unexpected can happen. One of the newspapers favourites used to be where a person claiming say disability allowance is seen playing football or is the regular linesperson. Amazing recovery!

Surveillance is very useful across a number of sectors:

Insolvency – Following company directors who may be working when they are banned. Undertaking surveillance on a company the day prior to a Freezing Order being issued to check on any assets being removed.

Employment – Checking on employees who are off work sick – are they working elsewhere? Do you know where your top sales person is going everyday – are they meeting clients, simply staying at home or in liaison with the competition waiting for the opportunity to move companies and take your clients with them?

Family – In cohabitation cases, is a clients ex living with a new partner. How does this affect maintenance payments?

Evidence must be acquired in the correct way. Witness statements tell a story but photographic or video evidence provide so much more.